Certified Translation


Thai / English Translation

PLC School and Training Centre offers a translation service for Thai to English and English to Thai for documents, certificates and letters. If you need to communicate in writing for official or personal reasons you can bring your copy to PLC and have it translated. Other languages are subject to availability.

Prices are charged per page. A page is seen as an A4 Word document with standard margins and 12 point text.

All translations carry a stamp to certify the translation is true and accurate. This is a requirement for some documents, especially for legal documents or documents relating to education.

Important Note

Technical documents such as business contracts, employee contracts, legal documents or medical records must also be verified by a representative or specialist in the particular field to ensure all technical or legal vocabulary has retained its meaning after translation. PLC School does not take responsibility for accuracy in these cases and only offer a literal translation for official documents of the aforementioned type.


Copy and Fax Services


Photocopy Discount Vouchers and Free Wifi for Students

Students can purchase a discounted photocopy voucher from reception. This allows for multiple copies of course work, exercises or assignments at a low cost. Students can also access our Internet Wifi service for free.

Copy and Fax

If you need to copy documents for official business such as a visa application or send a fax you can use the services and facilities at PLC School and Training Centre. Reception staff can assist if you need help. There is a charge for copies and faxes.