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The primary syllabus at PLC School consists of Thai, English and German language courses. Other language courses are available, or offered for particular applications. The languages available may vary, but generally include support for Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Korean speakers, along with various European languages.

Easy Language

These classes are taught by native speaking teachers and focus on building vocabulary and simple communication. This can be a fast and fun way to start a new language. Easy Thai and Easy English are also available.

General Language

These are full language courses and progress from beginner to advanced levels. This kind of specific language learning is primarily for small groups, or will require a commitment to a minimum number of class hours for single or twin classes.

Small Businesses and Companies

Specific language learning is available for the workplace. The aim is to improve social language or general communication for day-to-day situations in a multinational environment.

Native Speaking Teachers

A second language can be taught without using your own language. However, in reality some students prefer a teacher who can explain the basics in their own language - especially at beginner levels. For example: if Thai language is taught to a Chinese student, the teacher may sometimes use Chinese in the classroom to communicate. This is not always possible, but a request can be made to check for availability.




Language Services

Other services are available in some of the other languages, such as:

  • Translation of documents or correspondence
  • Presenting corporate training materials to employees in their own language

All courses, services and languages are subject to availability. Generally, regular classes for other languages are more infrequent, and may be subject to specific hours and start dates.

Please contact PLC School if you require a specific language course.


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