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The PLC Deutsch Kultur Course consists of eight multimedia modules and is designed to give an overview of German culture and history for foreigners who have an interest in learning about German culture, or are preparing to travel to Germany for a holiday, study, a long-term visit, to work, or for long-term settlement.

Topics include transport, cities and towns, places to visit, social interaction and customs, food, German history, traditions, shopping, economy and money, and much more.

  • Features eight German Culture modules
  • Each module has a final quiz or full test
  • Slideshow presentations
  • Video and audio
  • Phonetics and listening practice
  • Overview of daily life in Germany
  • Recommended links and online resources

This culture course is also useful if you are studying for the German A1 level test for visa requirement. You can add the PLC Deutsch Kultur module to your A1 language studies to give some kind of real-world context with extra vocabulary, examples of social language and etiquette, and links to German speaking resources for practice.


Lernen Sie das Leben in Deutschland kennen: Städte, kultur, geschichte, bildung und mehr!

German Culture course at PLC School

The PLC Deutsch Kultur Course materials are available in both English and Thai language. Some material is presented in German language.

All eight modules are available as a short stand-alone course, or can be added to a general German language course.









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